Developer's Diary Jan. 23, 2015

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Developer's Diary Jan. 23, 2015

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:10 pm


Time to recap.....

December 5th: I finally decide to put my game concept into motion and recruit testers and start development.

December 14th: PHASE 1:
-Chat, whispering, coalition chat, ignoring players from chat
-Coalitions, joining, creating, approving players, removing, promoting, demoting
-Email in game, inbox, outbox, composing
-Profiling, pilots and coalition, setting diplomacy

January 3rd: PHASE 2:
-Map design, context menu for map tile interaction
-Bookmarking map coordinates, moving around the map by coordinates
-Inventory items for moving a planet randomly or specifically
-Inventory items for renaming your game name, renaming your planet, and switching your faction preference
-Base resource accumulation
-Buildings, all buildings interacting with pre-required buildings and research
-Research, all research interacting with pre-required buildings and research
-Resource accumulation boosted based on level of building and research
-Inventory items for getting more resources
-And lastly and most recently speed ups for building and research (and maybe other stuff later)

January 23rd: STILL TO COME IN PHASE 2:
-Changing the interactive dialog boxes to something more "fancy" and "official"

PHASE 3!!!!

Yes, that's right. I can't think of anything else I would require in Phase 2. So the next thing is to get ship building going and then the battle system. I may do a quick "capture" feature on the resource planets so I can simply test if/how the resource planet boosts do towards resource accumulation, but really, we are on the cusp of Phase 3. Maybe another week or 2.

It has only been 40 days since I officially started coding and we're almost ready to move into Phase 3. That's amazing! I honestly didn't think I'd be here this quickly. I knew it would go well, but it's going better than well. If things continue to go this well, we may have a spring launch!

I will let everyone know that I'm going to do a business plan and try to launch this under my own indie development studio company. I know some are thinking "why didn't you do this before to secure money so you could launch it once it is done".... And I'll tell you I why. I want to have a finished product to bring to investors. To show them the game and that it's working with no glitches and that up to 70+ players have already been in it and playing and having fun. I don't want to bring just an idea to them, I want it taken seriously. So that's my long term plan with this. I thought I should share that with everyone.

JUST AN FYI: And this is really for those excited about this game and have read this far. smile emoticon There are lots of cool in game features I will be coding, or at least attempting to code. I don't think it will be a problem, I just need to figure out the process flow and put code to it. There will be a "SUPER DUPER UBER TOP SECRET" winnings thing that I think everyone who plays will really enjoy. I'm hoping I can implement a "TEAM BATTLE" or "BOSS BATTLE" system (similar to WoW) where everyone that is part of a coalition can join in on some 'big boss' and then everyone gets prizes and stuff for defeating the boss. I could go on and on with the ideas I have, but I don't want to spoil any surprises.

ALSO, keep your eyes on this page. When I near the end of phase 3, I MIGHT have a final 4th signup for beta testers. I cannot garuntee it, but anything that could happen.

Thanks again for those who continue to support my efforts. Please remember do not publically advertise for this game in KOC global chat. Keep it to personal messages or Facebook.

-Mark Branscombe (aka Ne0)


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Re: Developer's Diary Jan. 23, 2015

Post by junebug45 on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:32 pm

As always , I am so impressed by what you have done. While I am eager for the finished project , has been great seeing it come along each step of the way Smile


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