Developer's Diary Dec. 22, 2015

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Developer's Diary Dec. 22, 2015

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:10 pm


Well folks, we're well on our way through Phase 1 of coding and testing. My excellent Beta team has found some things for me to fix and I would have to say my response time was rather well.

If I was to gauge what I consider to be in "Phase 1", I would say I'm about 50% finished. Phase 1 is more the basic platform stuff that is needed for when we get into the more difficult stuff.

Here are the accomplishments so far:
CHAT: universal, coalition & whisper
MESSAGES: inbox, outbox, compose
COALITION: diplomacy settings, accepting pilots, applying, removing, demoting, promoting, creating, etc etc
PILOT PROFILE: messaging from profile, setting coalition diplomacy from pilot profile

Still lots of work to be done. I will try to do a developer diary every once and a while to keep you all in the loop with progress.

Thanks for liking, following and supporting my efforts.

PS: NO, I'm not the one that's posting around asking for money. That's the other guys who are doing a KOC copy.



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