DEVELOPERS DIARY: May 30th, 2016

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DEVELOPERS DIARY: May 30th, 2016

Post by Maddawg on Mon May 30, 2016 8:08 pm

DEVELOPERS DIARY: May 30th, 2016

SELECTIVE DEFENDING?!?!! Well sort of. We'll allow you to hide X amount of ships in your hangar and the rest will stay in orbit constantly on defend. Why? Let's be realistic here, you are building your space station base on a planet. It's not a big planet. Do you think you can really store 9 million ships on that planet? So you can hide your attacking ships and launch them when you want. This will give you, the player, more flexibility and less risk when defending. No one wants to defend with transport ships, they're too long to construct and too valuable.

PRESTIGE: Well I thought I had prestige worked out. I wanted my reward system to reward those who performed well. Those who put the effort forward would get the most rewards. Even those who choose to fight someone "bigger" than them. It worked out for a little while but we quickly figured out that it wasn't working the way I wanted. It was a valiant effort on my part. So after some deliberation I decided that what you destroyed in combat would be what you base your prestige on. But the effort you put into that battle would pro-rate that prestige. And a multiplier factor will be added later to increase even more the prestige reward. The basic fundamentals of "the more effort you put forward, the more you are rewarded" has now been realized! Although I do have some tweaking of the prestige point value per ship. Only 24 hours and we got some people at 1/2 million prestige! LoL... but everyone's still having fun.

Anyhow, from this point forward I believe all I have left is to touch up some code and fix a few glitches that are popping up once and a while. Then code the quests and we'll be all set. Very excited to get this game launched. I'm hoping everything will line up and I can meet my self imposed July1st launch.

See you in space!
-Mark Branscombe (aka Ne0)

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