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Prestige 101

Post by Maddawg on Mon May 30, 2016 6:51 pm

Prestige 101 definitions

DISCLAIMER; This document is by no means a how to guide or what will be a part of the guides when the game is launched. This document is for the testers who are having trouble understanding how the prestige system works. All information contained within the document is subject to change and is subject to the NDA that all testers have signed.

The prestige system is our version of glory from KOC, however the prestige system has been painfully worked to be much different and much more player friendly. There are many factors that affect how much prestige players can accumulate in battle. This document will explain some of those factors for both attacking and defending.

Factors affecting Attacking players include the following;
How many ships the attacker destroys of the defender
How many ships you send in relation to what your max fleet size is, for example if your max fleet size is 500 and you only send 400 you can only obtain 80% of the total available prestige

Factors affecting Defenders include the following;
How many of the attacking ships you destroy
How many ships you defend with in relation to how many TOTAL ships you have, example you have 5000 ships in total and only defend with 1000 you can only obtain 20% of the total available prestige

Factors effecting every player whether attacking or defending;
Types of ship frames involved as each frame has its own prestige value attached to it
Types of Shields and weapons equipped on to each ship frame

Factors affecting reinforcements
Number of ships that are sent
If the receiving player is defending, then the reinforcers ships are added to the number of the defenders ships and the % of the total ships is split between both parties.
If the receiving player is NOT defending then the reinforcer will get 100% of the total available prestige.

Again is document is just a very basic definition of the prestige system which is designed to help those who have been having trouble understanding the system and how it works. As we get closer to launch I will be completing most if not all the how to guides to help guide players on the right path and how to enjoy this game without the frustrations of the other game. I cannot give out the specific details on how the prestige system has been designed or the formulas on how the prestige is calculated as that is proprietary information.

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