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Post by Solar on Fri May 06, 2016 3:12 am

May the fourth be with you!
Well, being that today is national Star Wars day, I figured it was due time I update everyone on my progress.
Our new set of testers are working out well. They've come into the game not knowing anything about it and not having a quest to follow that guides them, but I think they've done quite well considering. The purpose of this "BIG RESET" was to see what kind of tweaks I needed to make to everything and see how things progressed without any special/extra help from me.
It was determined that the players needed more resources to start with, but this was simply due to the fact there was no quest to follow with rewards. I set everyone up with a few resource packs to compensate them for not having a quest reward system to follow.
I was able to get the new layout almost completely coded while they've been testing using the old layout. I wish I could show you some sneak peaks, but unfortunately I have to leave that to surprise.
My main goal for this game is to promote team play. I've developed bonuses around that concept as well. You get production bonuses for the number of members on your team. You get production bonuses for the amount of resource planets your team has. You get combat bonus for the number of players on your team. These are just 3 examples right now of why it's good to get on a team. The days of "going it alone" are out the door. Don't get me wrong, you can be a loner in this game, but you won't strive and be as prosperous as those on a team.
Anyway, I'm hoping I can release the new designs/layout to the players this weekend. Only a couple formalities I have to take care of first to protect my work. So with that said, I will leave you with a great quote and head to bed.
"Remember: Your focus determines your reality"
See you in space
-Mark B (aka Ne0)

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