Developer Diary, Feb 3, 2016

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Developer Diary, Feb 3, 2016

Post by Solar on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:44 pm


Well, I have been trying to work very hard to redesign the old dialogs using the new graphics. Trying to make time for the game gets difficult sometimes when you have RL things you have to deal with. I'm getting close to reworking the old stuff into the new design. Then I will need to work the new features (building, research, etc) into the new dialog design. Once that's said and done, it will be Phase 3.

I have all the ship, weapon, and shield data to start the combat stuff. So I will estimate now (taking RL into acccount) about 2 weeks. Mid-February we should be moving into Phase 3 if all goes well.

I have a screenshot to show you the progression from the basic design (just functional to get things moving) to the new design which is pretty much the final official take on things.

I hope you all enjoy it.. I'm really excited about this game and hopefully I'll be able to share it with everyone by summer.

Thanks again for your support.
-Mark Branscombe (aka Ne0)

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